About Us

Boulder First is uniquely positioned to offer budget web development, search engine optimization (SEO) services and search engine marketing (SEM) services from industry professionals.  We rely on a global pool of very talented developers and marketers that are hyper-motivated to deliver quickly, saving us on time and cost.  These savings we pass on to our clients which is how we are able to offer high value services at budget prices. We are based in the United States, from a little green state called New Jersey.  It is our strong belief that our understanding of US clients is far beyond offshore competitors who may try to match our prices.  We offer a more efficient, more satisfying experience because we speak your lingo, man.  Our headquarters are at the following address:

Boulder First
New Jersey


Find savings found in hiring unique special talent and pass these savings to a network of satisfied clientelle.


We offer services under the general categories of
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Search Engine Monetization (SEM)
  2. Website Development
We have six years of operational experience and many more decades of industry experience.  Pricing is negotiated upon review of your request, but we do try to match our competitors if we do not quote below them to start with.  Our ideal contract is one that pays our bills and leaves the client 100% satisfied and excited to refer us further business.

Case Studies

We have helped several clients build quality websites and save lots of money.

Live Epic Adventures

The client wanted a travel site that communicated fun to its visitors, and that allowed visitors to browse and book adventure trips via the website.  Also, the client required the ability to add, remove, and manage content via an administration interface.

We accepted the goal and developed a Joomla-based in under 4 months and under $5,000.  The result is at http://www.liveepicadventures.com